Coconut Oil – Premium, Extra-Virgin, Organic



Coconut Oil – Premium, Extra-Virgin, Organic


Coconut Oil – The Oil To Rule Them All

Of the many oils available on the market, there are none that can compare to the versatility and health benefits of Onnit Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. Coconut oil contains a high percentage of MCTs (Medium Chain Triglycerides), which the body burns as a pure energy source far more efficiently than proteins, starches, or sugars. Contrary to what is intuitive about a creamy, delicious oil, coconut oil and its MCTs have even been shown to have benefits in helping individuals as part of a healthy weight loss program.

Why is Onnit Extra Virgin Coconut Oil the Best?

We harvest our completely organic coconuts from the rich soil of the Philippines where the oil is cold pressed and extracted from the meat, maximizing the rich aroma and taste. With 64% MCTs we have some of the highest concentration of these premium nutrients helping make Onnit Organic Extra Virgin Coconut OIl the purest and best on the market.

With its silky smooth texture, nutritional benefits, natural anti-microbial qualities, pleasant aroma, and unique semi-solid state at room temperature, the uses for Onnit Extra Virgin coconut oil are virtually boundless:

  • Replace as a butter or margarine spread on toast and muffins.
  • Blend in a coffee or tea for energy packed “Bulletproof” Coffee or Tea
  • Use as a deeply moisturizing body lotion
  • Rub through hair as an aromatic and nourishing conditioner
  • Use in low to medium heat in a pan to replace butter and oils for cooking
  • An excellent ingredient in baking and shortening
  • Add a spoonful in a shake or smoothie for extra energy
  • As a sensual massage oil, or anywhere that needs a little less “friction”

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