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Steve’s Original PaleoKit


Steve’s original PaleoKits are a delicious blend of free-range, nitrate-free beef jerky, raw macadamias, raw almonds, raw pecans, dried strawberries and cranberries. They’re the perfect blend of natural protein, carbs, and healthy fat; great on-the-go fuel for life’s journey!

A perfectly portable and healthy mix of nitrate-free, free-range beef jerky, raw nuts and dried fruits.

Offered in SMALL or LARGE, the Original PaleoKit is vacuum-sealed for maximum freshness. Choose the TIGHT vacuum seal if you want the fruit juices infused with the jerky, choose the LOOSE seal if you prefer the less juicy version.

  • Steve’s beef jerky is always USDA approved, nitrate-free, raised without antibiotics or added hormones, from protein-rich whole muscle (our jerky is never chopped and formed!).
  • PaleoKits are naturally gluten-free, soy-free, and the only sugar is what naturally occurs in the strawberries and cranberries. Our Original PaleoKits are available in SMALL for snacking and LARGE for meal replacement.
  • If you follow Zone®, a SMALL contains 2 blocks of protein, carb and fat; a LARGE contains 4 blocks of each.
  • PaleoKits are vacuum-packed for maximum freshness. You can pick between a LOOSE or TIGHT vacuum seal for your PaleoKit. TIGHT vacuum seal infuses the jerky with juices from the berries and LOOSE seal means no sticky “PaleoKit fingers.”
  • PaleoKits have a shelf life of 6 months. We guarantee our unopened and sealed bags of PaleoKits will remain safe to eat for at least 6 months when stored at room temperature. Once opened, it’s meant to be enjoyed right away.


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