Should Strict Pull Ups Be Taught Prior To Learning Kipping Pull Ups?

In this Offline Crossfit Journal video the participants discuss whether or not strict pull ups should be taught to Crossfit and Caveman Athletes prior to learning the Kipping Pull Up technique. And interesting discussion and debate unfolds between these experienced trainers and fitness professionals. Please comment bellow and gives us your thoughts on weather the strict pull up should be taught prior to learning the kipping pull up for all Caveman or Paleo Athletes. And remember keep training hard eating right , healthy meals and health snacks between workouts. Look forward too the discussion bellow.

Host Russell Berger monitors guests Dave Durante, a member of USA Gymnastics’ 2008 Olympic team and a coach at CrossFit LIC; Carl Paoli, a coach at San Francisco CrossFit; Jacob Tsypkin of CrossFit Monterey; and Dan Pope, a physical therapist.

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